The Board of directors of our Foundation has approved to make a donation for the people suffering in several parts of Mexico after the earthquakes of last month.We decided to donate through the Foundation Carlos Slim, that is committed to donate 5 pesos for each one donated, and is a very reliable organization that will assure , and inform donors, that the money will be well used for this cause .We have sent $25,000.00 pesos, that will become $150,000.00, for the relief of people suffering after this devastating tragedy.

We want to inform our donors, that even if our main purpose is to help the development of the Don Diego Community, and that our funds are rather limited, this is a special and urgent cause; our legal advisors confirm that it is in our bylaws accepted “to support similar non profit organizations ,recognized by the Mexican government as altruistic entities”.

Some of our directors in the Board are members of the community. We are very pleased to see that many families of the community contributed with small donations in kind ( rice, beans, etc) for the relief funds for “daminificados del sismo”. (earthquake victims). This was a local school initiative. We are sure that promoting values ,like solidarity , is part of the development.

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