Our Projects

The comprehensive development of a rural community implies many areas : education, for all ages; health, culture, psychological support, sports etc. . We started with an evaluation of the needs of the community, then we have asked the people what are their priorities, and then we have made short term and long term plans, with measurable goals. We will make periodic evaluations of the  progress, and the necessary adjustments. 

An important success measure will be the impact in the community, and the involvement of the community.


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* Reading Workshop for children and young people


Seeks to provide a useful tool for life through the reading.

* Theater workshop

This workshop seeks to help the imagination and creativity in children.

* Creativity and body expression workshop


Reinforces existing neuronal connections and creates new ones through exercises and dynamics that strengthen the self-esteem and safety of children.

* Painting and writing workshop


Seek to be a space of expression where imaginative skills are fostered and the ability to express their ideas in a plastic and written way is strengthened.

* Ballet


Be a space for corporal expression through this discipline.


* Mathematics workshop for young people and adults


Aims to accompany the learning process of students to discover mathematical skills and in some cases lose the fear generated by this subject.



As a goal, this program has to share academic, social and interesting knowledge through the materials of the INAEBA literacy, primary and secondary program and achieve the certificate of studies.

* Psychological workshops given by CASA psychologists

Provide tools for emotional management in children, youth and adults.


* English for adults

Learning another language always helps us strengthen neuronal connections, as well as being a tool to access other jobs.

* Online high school

Facilitate access to the internet so that through the UVEG platform (Universidad del Estado de Guanajuato) to achieve high school certification.

Health programs


     We work in alliance with: 

Economic programs