Unimos fuerzas para mejorar la calidad de vida 

generando oportunidades en esta comunidad vecina de San Miguel de Allende.

Fundación don Diego
Fundación don Diego

Fundación don Diego
Fundación don Diego

Fundación don Diego
Fundación don Diego

Breaking ground for the building of the Education Center, with Rural Ed.

Fundación don Diego
Fundación don Diego

Nuestra Fundación

We are a non profit organization,registered in México. As a community foundation, our focus is centered in this village,coordinating various programs, both of our own foundation, and of other NGO´s. 

Half of our Board are members of the community.


Our goal is the comprehensive development of the  Don Diego community. We have ongoing programs of children and adult education, health campaigns, cultural and sport programs.

We are coordinating efforts with other associations.  A major goal is to have the community involved,to help them to be self sufficient.


Our altruistic programs are possible thank to generous donors. Make checks to "Fundación comunitaria Don Diego A.C". For tax deductible donations, make checks to San Miguel Community Foundation,  writing in the memo line : For Fundación comunitaria Don Diego. Soon we will be able to give tax deductible receipts in Mexico and in Canada.

Get Involved

We invite individuals to support us  also with ideas, or  voluntary work.

 Association working in the San Miguel, are wellcome to "JOIN FORCES" with us, for the benefit of this community


Sunday April 30, dia del niño ( Day of the child) we delivered 450 toys to children of the community; and also two desk top computes  and a printer, for the evening use of students, to do their home work. Till now they had to go to San Miguel to a cafe internet ( if they could  afford it).

Health Programs

40 children recerived free and total dental care from doctors of the Univerisidad La Salle , León. We have a pledge, with the FUCAM fondation to give free mamographys to 75 women of the community.

Quick contact

Dia del niño-April 30

Fundación comunitaria Don Diego is already joining forces with various other non profit associations, including, but not limited, INAEBA, Children Art Foundation, Rural Ed, Damas golfistas del Malanquin, Apoyo, ... 

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